Sisterhood…It is a special bond and connection you have with a friend that is so deep that you may wonder how or why you really aren’t biologically connected.

Sisterhood can be defined as – A bond between two or more girls, not related by blood. They always tell the truth, honor each other, and love each other like sisters. They share experiences and concerns. There is a special kind of loyalty because they believe and support each other and each other’s dreams.

Do you have a sister (or sisters) who are there for you to help you, support you, love you and help guide you? Are you that person for your friends? Life can be so much more fun with your sisters. Think about some of your life’s best moments and who the people were that you experienced them with. Yes, your family plays a significant role in this, but I would bet you have some amazing memories with those special girlfriends who are just as close as a sister would be. You may laugh together, cry together, and even get upset with each other. It’s all ok, because you can move forward. After all, you’ll soon need to tell them some more stuff and be there for them.

We cherish the special beings and unique qualities of these precious sisters in our lives. We accept them as they are, flaws and all.  Because they do the exact same for us.  It just works, this sisterhood thing. It works because we build each other up instead of tearing each other down.  We look for the best in our sisters, we see the good in them, and we encourage them when they are struggling. The solidarity of sisterhood is a beautiful thing – we come together on common ground for the sake of wanting the best for each other.

The following poem came about as I was thinking about the special sisters who have been there for me and who I am honored to journey through life with. They have been there in the very best and most fun times, as well as the extreme times of overcoming great challenges and personal feats.  I hope you can relate to some or all of these thoughts with your own girlfriends that are like sisters.  



How Best Friends Make the Best Sisters

by Michele Modellas


You support and encourage me in the things I do,

You remind me to believe in myself, if I can’t see a way through.

We can share secrets and rough times.

You are there, even if without an answer, willing to sympathize.

Oh, the many laughs we have…until we cry,

You are willing to go along with my crazy ideas, and rarely ask why.

My smile is so much brighter because of you,

Thank you for believing in my dreams, and all that I do.

When I’m at my weakest point, you help me remember I can be strong,

You help ground me and bring me back to reality when, sometimes, life is just wrong.

If I fall down, you help me get back on my feet.

You remind me that trusting is good and hope is always within reach.

We can share our greatest joys and our biggest fears,

You are always there when I need a listening ear.

Even if we are miles apart or we don’t talk every day,

 I know you are only a quick phone call away.

You are the iron that sharpens my iron to help me be my best,

We have that bond of friendship that will never be put to rest.

Even if we have a disagreement or miscommunicate,

We are able to forgive and you’re right back as my best teammate.

I can’t imagine my life without you in it,

It would be incomplete.

Thank you, for being my friend…my sister,  

Because this sisterhood bond is the nicest thing we can have, and the best thing we can be.


The bond of sisterhood is amazing! It’s as real as real can be. It’s worth every amount of effort to invest time into others who may be in need.  It’s a beautiful thing when we can rely on someone to be there for us.  Sisterhood is reciprocal. It can be rough at times, but that is the beauty of the authenticity of how it truly operates. Acceptance, appreciation and gratitude are some of the key elements that make up a strong sisterhood.  We are simply there for each other.  Let’s continue to build each other up.

When we take inventory of our circle of friends we know there are many.  We have acquaintances. We have friends. But, then we have sisters. Oh what a gift our sisters are!