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Michele Modellas – CEO of the Global Association for Women in Transformation™

Hi, my name is Michele Modellas and I’m the CEO of the Global Association for Women in Transformation™. It is one of my passions to see women positively transform in the process of moving through the transitions in their lives.

I can relate to the need for some assistance with navigating through life’s transitions. Over the years, I have learned from many successful people about their process of keeping a daily journal. I have been to business seminars and learned how to create goals. I’ve participated in vision board/dream board events to create personal results. I have received, and used, many ideas and how-to’s with creating daily disciplines. Most of all, I have had personal success utilizing many of these processes and I’ve seen massive results from others by doing the same.

I decided it would be great to create a single journal that would include the major areas of life to tap into on a daily basis. My desire was to be able to utilize something that would create transformation results!

I designed the Success Journal to be your Daily Companion and your Go-To source, to record and create on-going success with:

  • Creating your Soul Statement
  • Setting goals for your life
  • Establishing affirmations
  • Focusing on gratitude
  • The process of daily thoughts that flow from your pen to paper

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Are you ready to go one step further?

Are you ready to get started right away with some guided instruction on how to achieve maximum success with your journal? It can create so much more for you than just “filling in the blanks” on a page.

You will receive information as to how using this journal will create transformational results for your life. We will spend about 45 minutes together going through each section of the journal. After completing the Success Journal ~ Step by Step Completion e-Course, you will:

  • Learn 5 Life Transforming Daily Disciplines to using the journal process
  • See sample completed pages that will help you get your own process going
  • Identify Goals in your life and learn to create an action plan to achieve them
  • Assistance with creating your Soul Statement ~ getting to the core of the most important results you want to create from your life
  • Added help for your total transformation process that will be achieved by using the Success Journal


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 Don’t have our Free Success Journal yet?  Click here to get yours now!


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