We are thrilled to offer programs that will provide Progressive and Proactive Solutions to Navigate Through Life’s Transitions.



groupwomenPrograms Coming VERY Soon:

  • Transformation from the Inside Out – an 8 Session Total Transformation for your Mind, Body, Soul (August 2015)
  • Be Financially Fit – a progressive and proactive approach to creating and building wealth (Fall 2015)
  • Retreat Weekend (October 2015 – space will be limited to 25 women)
  • Women in Business – Coaching Programs (August 2015)


Programs for the following Life Transitions will be Offered by The Global Association for Women in Transformation:

  • Health Transitions (Proactive and Reactive Strategies for Daily Life so you can Live Healthy and Happy)
  • Life’s Money Transitions (from your 20’s through retirement)
  • Divorce Transitions (Thrive Before, Through and After a Divorce)
  • Career Transitions (Be Prepared to Take Advantage of Career Opportunities)
  • Care for or Loss of Loved One (How to care for yourself while you care for others during their transition)